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Per Frithiofson is a director of the European School Luxembourg 2 since 2016. Apparently, he left school only after 5 years at the end of this school year 2021.

School directors are appointed for 9 years but can leave after 5 years if they wish so.

Teachers pay out of pocket. Man reaching to his back pocket for euro notes.

Teachers pay out of pocket to keep their classrooms clean of COVID-19

European school Luxembourg 2 defined many rules that should be followed to protect school's community against COVID-19. As usual they pushed responsibility for implementing those rules to teachers, students and parents. Students and parents...
Text message from school director

Communication from school director on 26.08.2020

Communication from the school director provides basic information how will school work from 03.09.2020.  School year 2020-2021The decisionRequest from school directorCPE School year 2020-2021 Dear parents, I hope that you were able to make the most of the...
Childre with measels

Cas de rougeole à l’Ecole Mamer

Bonjour, Par la présente je vous signale qu'il y a un cas de rougeole à notre école, l'Ecole Européenne Luxembourg 2 à Bertrange Mamer, dans la classe S7 IT. En accord avec le Ministère de la...

Why are SWALS students leaving European schools

Letter from the parent, which clearly express all the frustration regarding SWALS students * and passive and indifferent school management of European school Luxembourg 2 who doesn't care about minorities. Dear Ms Soekov and Mr....
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New Director of the European School Luxembourg II is Mr Per Frithiofson

ScholaEuropaea just twitted: Mr Per Frithiofson (SW) has been appointed to be the new Director of the European School, LUXEMBOURG II starting from 1.9.2016!