School transport – School year 2014-2015

by Gregor Prajs on 05/09/2014

As from Monday, 8th September 2014, the school transport will function as follows:
An information session on the transport provision for our school will be organised in the Salle des Fêtes of the European School Luxembourg II on Wednesday 16th October 2014 at 19:00.

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Transport scolaire— année scolaire 2014-2015

5 September 2014

A compter de lundi 8 septembre 2014, le service de transport scolaire sera organisé de la manière suivante :
Une réunion d’information sur le transport scolaire sera organisée dans la salle des fêtes de l’école européenne Luxembourg II le mercredi 16 octobre 2014 à 19h.

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Activities Periscolaires 2014-2015

30 August 2014

The 2014/2015 exercise is the sixth under our stewardship, and the Federation is happy to have again taken the opportunity to introduce further significant developments. These are fully described on our website , where you can already find the full list of activities and the general terms and conditions.

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Bad management of OIL 5 – CPE in Luxembourg

17 July 2014

The OIL 5, responsible for CPE in Luxembourg, refused to apply to the CAS (Comité des activités sociales) for additional funding for the CPE. In the CAS budget there is a 50 000 EUR surplus from last year. A proposal was drafted on how to improve conditions for our children at the CPE using this […]

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APEEEL2 election 2014

25 May 2014

Parents’ Association of the European School Luxembourg II Candidatures are welcomed form all language sections, all cycles (nursery/primary/secondary) and all categories (I-II- III). The only formal constraint is that candidates should be fully paid-up members of APEEEL2. At different times, some or all of the following skills are required: analysis, communication, lobbying, management, negotiation, planning. […]

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General Assembly of ATSEEE: Draft Summary

15 May 2014

Draft summary of the General Meeting of ATSEE (12/05/2014)

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ATSEEE Financial Statement for 2012 – 2013

12 May 2014

Costs for school transport to European school Mamer are 1,38 mio €.

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ATSEEE Agenda for Annual general meeting 2014

8 May 2014

ATSEEE annual general meeting on 12.5.2014, Restaurant le Lavandin, 23 rue de la Lavande, Kirchberg.

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Survey about learning and teaching conditions at the School extended

8 May 2014

We kindly invite you to complete the survey, as it will enable the School to know where it should place its priorities and in which areas improvements have to be made or attention needs to be given. The opinion of all stakeholders is indeed of thehighest importanceif results are to be reliable.

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ATSEEE to RAISE prices for next school year!

23 April 2014

Mainly because of a bad management ATSEEE will have to raise prices for the next school year 2014/2015. ATSEEE management requested from the committee members to approve new higher prices for next school year. As a reason they stated that there is not enough money for paying for school transport.

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