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Transport to Mamer

Problem with school bus to European school Mamer?

Please find bellow some information about the emergency contact numbers for school transport to European school Mamer: If there is a problem with the...


CONVOCATION à L'ASSEMBLEE GENERALE DE L'ATSEE  ORDRE DU JOUR DU 27 JUIN 2013 à 19h. Restaurant le Lavandin, 23 rue de la Lavande, Kirchberg  I -     Accueil II...

Important transport problems – European school Mamer

Dear Mrs Laatu, As you kindly asked me the last time we met, I would like to inform you that my children have been late...

Updates on transport isues for European school Mamer

This is the update on the progress of the consultation exercise on school transport.

Update of the ATSEE timetable

Update of the ATSEE timetable.

Open petition against intolerable transport situation to European school Mamer

Dear parents, in order to find soon a solution to the intolerable transport situation to European school Luxembourg II, please find below a link to...

Is transport plan falling apart after just 5 days?

On Monday and Tuesday we experienced huge problem with the transport. ATSEE received a lot of angry letter. I would like to share just...

Navette EE2 – EE1 at 16h45 and 18h

Navettes from CPE at 16:45 and 18h will wait directly in front of the CPE entrance. The president of ATSEE, confirmed this is how...

Forms for CPE in Mamer

The CPE accompanies children to the buses at 6.00 p.m. as long as the parents have signed up for this service at ATSEE (L'Association...

No ATSEE cards needed till 16. September

Just received news from ATSEEE: Navettes are available for all without any ATSEE cards till 16. September. By that time your children should receive...

Mobility plan – final version

European school Luxembourg 2 published latest and final version of mobility plan. Here are: Luxembourg II mobility plan and Buses and shuttles timetables.

Luxembourg government declines to pay for the transport

When Luxembourg decided that they would build a new European school Luxembourg 2 in the middle of nowhere, they promised to provide transport for students attending new school. But now they decline to pay for any transport.

Expert opinion of road engineer

the new school campus should not be allowed to start operating before an independent audit confirms that the school mobility concept is mature, implementable and workable, and therefore ensuring an orderly operation of the school by making it possible that pupils (and staff) can arrive at reasonable and predictable times.

Parents challenge flawed transport plan for segregated European School

Parents at the European School in Luxembourg have challenged plans to impose daily commutes of over 3 hours on pre-school and primary children selected for a new out-of-town school on the basis of their language, nationality and property status.