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Wednesday, 06. June 2018
Discrimination and racism words

Another example of discirmination of SWALS students

It is ubelivable how new Mamer school managemnt doesn't have a clue about sytuation of minories in the school. New secondary Deputy Director Mrs Leene...
school rules image

The 4 Golden Rules for the Primary school

School just updated this simple, positive rules specific to the daily life of the Primary building. If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate...
european schools

Commissioner Oettinger pledges support to European schools

"European schools are more than ever a must in particular as the pupils will be raised in a European spirit based on our values...

Why are SWALS students leaving European schools

Letter from the parent which clearly express all the frustration regarding SWALS and passive and indifferent school management of European school Luxembourg 2 who doesn't...
personal data protection

People Responsible for Data Protection in Schools

Ultimately, everyone has a responsibility in ensuring data is processed securely in a school. Staff and even students who handle personal data need to...
data security breach

Preventing Data Security Breaches in Schools

Schools must consider how to prevent breaches of data through the internet, intranet, and email systems. Does the school have a Data Protection Policy...