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Friday, 16. November 2018
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European Schools have serious problems: seven reasons, six problems and four...

European schools face multiple problems. A number of parents already left these schools and some opt for a private education despite a very high...
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Memorandum for parents 2018-2019

This school year Memorandum for Parents is available online on the school website: http://www.eel2.eu/en/page/memorandum. You can find pdf version here.
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Is state-run, free-of-charge European school better than original one

Luxembourg Times published an interview which gives great inside of the functioning of new European school in Differndange. The...
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Data protection in European schools

After my request from more than a year ago and my complain to the Nation Commission for Data Protection Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg since school...
Chlorine gas poisoning sign

Chlorine Poisoning in Mamer school

On Monday, 04.06.2018, at 11:23 parents received the following communication from the school: Dear parents, To inform you, there has been an incident in our swimming...
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Leene Soekov shows lack of awareness about SWALS

Reply from worried parent to deputy director Leene Soekov Dear Ms Soekov, Your answer is not only very worrying but it also shows the lack of...