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Wednesday, 26. April 2017

What does Brexit mean for the European Schools? An INTERPARENTS perspective

On Wednesday 29th of March, the UK invoked article 50 of the EU Treaty, formally signalling its intention to leave the EU. What does...

Admissions Policy for the European Schools of Luxembourg

This policy was set up after the split of schools and appears to be still valid. Admissions Policy for the European Schools of Luxembourg

Why is Finland the best in education

Explore the Finnish education system and its success factors.

New Secretary General of European schools will be Giancarlo Marcheggiano

The Board of Governors have elected Mr Giancarlo Marcheggiano to be the new Secretary-General starting from 1.10.2016!

CPE Bertrange/Mamer – Legionella in tap water

I was just informed by the Local Stadff Committee that during the bacteriological analyses of tap water in May in CPE Mamer various cold...

New Director of the European School Luxembourg II is Mr Per...

ScholaEuropaea just twitted: Mr Per Frithiofson (SW) has been appointed to be the new Director of the European School, LUXEMBOURG II starting from 1.9.2016!