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Giancarlo Marcheggiano is the Secretary-General of the European Schools. 


The Secretary-General of the European Schools:
  • represents the Board of Governors;
  • directs and organises the work of the Office;
  • has decision-making power according to the statutes and regulations
  • chairs the Administrative Boards of the European Schools and in that capacity coordinates implementation of the autonomy of the European Schools;
  • organises the accreditation procedure for Accredited European Schools;
  • guarantees the coherence and smooth operation of the European schooling system and of the Europea​​n Baccal​aureate in accordance with the political decisions and policy guidelines of the Board of Governors, within the limits of the budget allocated;
  • presents annual report to the Board of Governors on the system’s operation and performance and formulates proposals as part of a multi-annual plan;
  • ensures the transparency and efficiency of the procedures and the quality of the services;
  • participates in the selection and evaluation of management staff.
is there a future for european schools text on a photo of the beah

Is there a future for European schools?

With many problems facing the European school system and with their humongous and inefficient bureaucracy that forgets that the main goal is to provide quality education for the children, the big question is, is...
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European Schools should provide distance learning possibility

Parents letter to the Secretary General of European schools Mr Giancarlo Marcheggiano regarding urgent need to provide distance learning possibility for the to pupils of those families who need it at the time of...
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Communication on the impact of COVID-19 outbreak in European Schools

On 27.03.2020 another communication was sent by the Secretary General of the European Schools, Mr. Giancarlo Marcheggiano. It has been two weeks since it was decided to suspend the obligatory regular attendance of pupils (Article...

Communication from the Secretary General 23.03.2020

A communication from the Secretary General of the European Schools, Mr. Marcheggiano, with 2 accompanying documents. It is now one week that it was decided to suspend the obligatory regular attendance of pupils (Article 30...
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Will Giancarlo Marcheggiano destroy European schools in Luxembourg?

Secretary-general of European school Giancarlo Marcheggiano doesn't recognise the danger both European schools in Luxembourg are facing. The Parents' Associations of the European Schools Luxembourg I and II have been alerting the Office of the...