CPE Bertrange/Mamer – Legionella in tap water


I was just informed by the Local Staff Committee that during the bacteriological analyses of tap water in May in CPE Mamer various cold and hot water samples contained seeds of legionella.

You might want to see the doctor if your children show some signs and symptoms.

UPDATED 05.07.2016 at 16.15
Today we finally received information from CPE Mamer:
Quality control of the tap water in the CPE buildings

Lately, OIL has received a number of concerning questions regarding the quality of tap water in the CPE, in particular
the presence of Legionella bacteria in the water. For OIL , the health and wellbeing of the children in our care are of utmost priority. One of the measures to ensure this priority are regular water quality checks in the CPE buildings. Because Legionella bacteria are naturally present in water, their presence is regularly checked in the water distribution system in all our buildings, including the CPEs.

There are several strains of Legionella bacteria: the most known by the public is the Legionella pneumophila that may cause respiratory illness, the “Legionnaire’s disease”. In the samplings made at the CPEs no trace of Legionella pneumophila was found. Legionella cannot be contracted by drinking contaminated water. One can only be infected by inhaling contaminated water vapour or fog.

Nevertheless, as a precautionary principle in the CPE buildings, OIL, in cooperation with the medical service of the Commission, applies a tolerance level which is 10 times stricter than the level applied in Luxemburgish legislation. Thanks to the stringent preventive approach, there has never been a case of Legionnaire’s disease in the CPE. This has been confirmed by the Medical Service.
Should we detect Legionella in the water, the tap concerned is immediately closed off. Bottled water, which is at the disposal in the CPE buildings, is distributed to the room in question.

Water taps are reopened only once the results have returned to normal (i.e. below the threshold). In order to inform parents about the preventive measures regarding tap water in CPE and to answer any questions they may have, OIL will organise a lunchtime presentation after the summer. Further information will be provided to you closer to the time.