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The “Association des Transports Scolaires” Luxembourg is a non-profit organisation (asbl) which is run by a Management Committee made up of volunteer parents. The Association organises bus transport for pupils of both European schools living in the Grand Duchy, Belgium and Germany but outside of the limits of Luxembourg city.

Per Frithiofson and text disgraceful

Vindictive Per Frithiofson declines to share information

School director of European school Luxembourg 2 Per Frithiofson doesn't want to share important information about school transport with parents. This breaks with a 68-year-old tradition and is based on the school director's personal...
how to reduce school traffic congestion

How To Reduce School Zone Traffic Congestion

School traffic congestionEducation on alternative means of transport One bus can replace up to 38 carsATSEEE joins APEEEL2 request The definition of school-related traffic congestion is as the overcrowding and blocking off streets on or...

ATSEEE 2014: Meet the Key Figures Behind the School Transportation Association in Luxembourg

Who is behind School transportation Association in Luxembourg - ATSEEE? There are two people responsible and have all the information: President: BLOMMAERTS Willy, email: willy.blommaerts@europarl.europa.eu Vice-presidentr: DENNIS Ian. email: Ian.Dennis@ec.europa.eu ATSEEE currently has 2 secretaries, one responsible...