How To Reduce School Zone Traffic Congestion

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The definition of school-related traffic congestion is as the overcrowding and blocking off streets on or near school property that is typically associated with car transportation of children to and from school.

School traffic congestion

Congestion around schools often creates speeding, reckless driving, and traffic violation in the broader vicinity, as frustrated parents and commuters try to make up for lost time associated with the congestion.

Education on alternative means of transport

One of the best ways to ease traffic is to reduce the number of vehicles that converge at school during the opening and closing times. Parents state traffic hazards, time constraints, distance, and stormy weather as reasons for transporting their children to school.

Parents have to be educated about the alternate modes of transport their child can use. They should be aware of the role they have in reducing congestion and increasing student safety.

We should present the benefits of walking or cycling to school with parents and students. Health and environmental impact should also be incorporated into the curriculum. Students should understand the concept and be encouraged to walk.

  • As an example, the school can reward them with a point system. The school can reward them with a point system. Students can join walking school bus programs where an adult escorts a group of children along a pre-determined route to school. Children living within walking distance of the school can avail of this method, which keeps pedestrian safety in mind.

Getting more students walking and biking to school isn’t just about nostalgia for the days when students walked 15 kilometres uphill to school — both ways. It could have widespread benefits for students and for communities.

One bus can replace up to 38 cars

1 bus can replace 30 cars picture

The school bus is the best option for students who live further away from school. Studies show that an approximate number of 38 vehicles are required to transport an average busload of 45 children. Excellent school bus services, as already exists in Luxembourg 2 school, can reduce traffic congestion at school access points as well as on the roads.

ATSEEE joins APEEEL2 request

Letter sent to school director regarding the traffic problem in Mamer school:

Dear Directors,

ATSEEE supports and enters this request for urgent changes in access to the school. I would also like to point out that:

  • Just this week, ATSEEE had to advance departure times for many buses because of late arrivals. As a result, we receive a lot of complaints from parents why children have to get up early and experience longer travel times because cars are preventing access for buses. They also informed us that because of that they might soon prefer to drive children to the school by themselves, which would increase the number of cars even further and slows down buses even more.  We are in a downward spiral, and unless there is a quick cut, nobody will use buses anymore.
  • Longer travel times and more traffic means buses will get more expensive, and ATSEEE will have to increase prices, which would directly affect all Institutions.

ATSEEE and I personally would be happy to help in finding the most appropriate solution.

Thank you and kind regards,

Gregor Prajs

ATSEEE President

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