All children attending the CPE Bertrange/Mamer can use the shuttle at 4.45 or 6 pm organised by the ATSEE going to the EEl I...

All children attending the CPE in Bertrange/Mamer can use the shuttle at 4.45 or 6 p.m. organised by the ATSEE going to the European school I at Kirchberg. As the shuttle now stops directly in front of the CPE building, both children of the Garderie and of the Study and Recreation Centre (CEL) can be escorted to the shuttle, as long as the parents have signed up for this service and have filled in the respective form. The responsibility of the CPE ends as soon as the child is handed over to the person who will accompany them on the bus.

Luxembourg government declines to pay for the transport

When Luxembourg decided that they would build a new European school Luxembourg 2 in the middle of nowhere, they promised to provide transport for students attending new school. But now they decline to pay for any transport.

Expert opinion of road engineer

the new school campus should not be allowed to start operating before an independent audit confirms that the school mobility concept is mature, implementable and workable, and therefore ensuring an orderly operation of the school by making it possible that pupils (and staff) can arrive at reasonable and predictable times.

Why CPE Mamer Can Not Move to Mamer?

How is it possible to build the CPE in Bertrange if all parties have already formally committed to Luxembourg-Ville?

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