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European Schools: Regrouping of Siblings

We have taken a first step towards the re-establishment of the principle of regrouping siblings within the European Schools. By its decisions adopted at...

Starting school at 10:00 could have huge health benefits for teenagers

Research suggests that society pays too little attention to our "body clock" - and adolescents in particular have a late-running biological rhythm. This means insisting...

Survey on earlier start of the school day

Parents sent an email to the school administration Dear Mr de Tournemire, First we would like to thank you for the meeting of May the 6th....

What does Re-organisation of the Secondary Cycle in European schools entail in a nutshell?

Change school mission so that they can kick out kids in Year 5 if they are not university material, reduce subject options and language...

Petition against the proposed Re-organisation of the Secondary Cycle in European schools

Dear parents, Sign the Petition: As announced on our website and following other initiatives undertaken by parents, I invite you to read and sign the...

Summary of the discussions at the latest meeting of administrative Board

As Raoul Precht had pointed out to me, the document from the Working Group (WG) on the organisation of studies in the European Schools' secondary cycle had been put on the agenda mainly for information. Some interesting ideas, such as abolishing ICT as a separate subject and instead introduce requirements to mainstream it into the teaching of all other subjects, were briefly discussed in the meeting. For me, the most worrying thing in the document is the recommendation to "reexamine" the definition of "language sections" (recommendation 4 in the report), which Kivinen also repeated in the meeting. This represents a potential challenge to one the founding principles of the European Schools.

Our actions before real courts after Complaints Board decision

Bringing our action before the Complaints Board was important because it made a clear, public statement that we do not accept discrimination. The school authorities cannot now express any surprise or confusion when the school fails to attract new parents.

An ASBL to defend equal school rights for European institution staff

The European School Non-Discrimination Campaign should reach out, not only to Lux II parents, but also to the many families whose children have been forced out of the school and who are now burdened with extra costs and inconvenience as a result.

European School system-A System Perfectly Designed to Fail

Parents will be parents and they will put welfare and education at the top of their agenda, even if the European School does not. Those parents will continue to look for child centred, family friendly alternatives, no matter how hard the school authorities try to bully them into accepting their divisive, discriminatory agenda.

Opting out of Lux II

The multiple layers of discrimination and national resentment developing at Lux II make it a concrete monument to everything the EU was supposed to be against.

Chambre de recours des Ecoles Europeennes dismissed our case

Article 1: Le recours de M. Mackenzie et autres requérants, enregistré sous le n° 12/74, est rejeté.

Study centre in Mamer is turning into prison

What happened last Friday: Dear Ms. Nydrlova, I was actuality planning to address you with requests and remarks of other parents, but with the Friday evening...

European Commission is paying 2.400.000€ for 2012 rent for the new CPE 5 in Mamer

The Rent for 2012 for (CPE1 + CPE3 + CPE3-Extension+CPE4) is = 2,058,000 euro ( 2,200,000 euro in 2011 ). But for 2012, the rent for the new CPE 5 building is 2.400.000 euro!

Where Would You Have Built The Second European School in Luxembourg?

Where Would You Have Built The Second European School in Luxembourg? Survey from European school Luxembourg from 2003.