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The governing body of the European Schools is composed of the Ministers of Education of each of the Union countries, normally represented by senior civil servants from the Ministries of Education or Foreign Affairs, together with the representative of the EU Commission and the representative of the European Patent Office. A representative designated by the Staff Committee (from among the teaching staff ) and a representative of the parents designated by the Parents’ Associations are also members of the Board of Governors. The mandates of the Board of Governors covers educational, administrative and financial matters. When it is not in session, its powers are exercised by its officially appointed Secretary-General.

See the Rules of procedure for the Board of Governors and the Statute of the Secretary-General and the Deputy Secretary-General in the Bas​ic texts​.

Our letter to Board of governors

We sent this letter together with 62 parent signatories to Board of Governors of the European schools on 27.07.2012: __________________________________ Sir , We (62 parent signatures) are all parents of children who are going to attend the European School...