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Preventing Data Security Breaches in Schools

Schools must consider how to prevent breaches of data through the internet, intranet, and email systems. Does the school have a Data Protection Policy...

Mamer school doesn’t care about personal data protection

Director of European school Luxembourg 2 (or Mamer school) Mr Emmanuel de Tournemire decided to pay for another survey. This time it is about...

Breach of personal data protection at European school Luxembourg 2

European school Luxembourg 2 is also regularly checking children email communication and they punish them if they find inappropriate words or content. Children are sending emails between each other so anybody who reads this kind of emails should have explicit written permission from the account owner

German section no longer viable in European school Luxembourg II

After only 1 term, the German section at European school Luxembourg II is no longer viable.

Low registration and transferrals out of European School Mamer

The rate of registration of new children to European school Lux II is so low that the school now wants to radically change the rules of registration, ‘forcing parents with kids in the DE, FR and EN sections to send their kids to Lux II, except in certain circumstances.’

European School Complaints Board denies discrimination – Black is White

As predicted, the European School Complaints Board has delivered a cowardly and intellectually dishonest decision in our discrimination case. It claims that it is...

Dramatic enrollment changes in attempt to prop up failing European school Mamer

A new joint enrolment policy adopted yesterday we are forcing parents with kids in the DE, FR and EN sections to send their kids to Lux II. An increase of fees of 20% for the new category 3 pupils is coming in September.

Chambre de recours des Ecoles Europeennes dismissed our case

Article 1: Le recours de M. Mackenzie et autres requérants, enregistré sous le n° 12/74, est rejeté.

Why are costs of the vertical split in Luxembourg much, much higher than horizontal alternative

The costs of the vertical split decision in Luxembourg are much, much higher than the horizontal alternative and result in poorer education. These costs include:

European School Discrimination Hearing, 12 November 2012

The ESNDC have confirmed that the group is preparing to take the matter to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, should this become necessary.

Answer from Kari Kivinen The Secretary-General of the European Schools

RECOURS ADMINISTRATIF Maître, Vos clients sont des parents d'élèves d'enfants inscrits à l'Ecole européenne de Luxembourg Il qui les accueillera dans ses nouveaux locaux à Marner...

Response from the Ombudswoman for Children’s Rights – EN version

This is EN version (Google translate) of response from the ombudswoman: Notice regarding the allocation chleix classes E to European sites of Kirchberg and Handling. The Ombuds-Committee...

Our letter to Board of governors

We sent this letter together with 62 parent signatories to Board of Governors of the European schools on 27.07.2012: __________________________________ Sir , We (62 parent signatures) are all parents...

Ombudsman finds European Commission Guilty of Maladministration

The Commission failed properly to respond to the complainant's and the Staff Committee's request for the organisation of an independent external audit of the European Schools. This constitutes an instance of maladministration.