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Digital competence failure in Lux 2 school

Digital competence involves the confidence, critical and responsive use of and engagement with digital technologies for learning, work, and participation in society. It should be at the heart of educational development in European schools...
is there a future for european schools text on a photo of the beah

Is there a future for European schools?

With many problems facing the European school system and with their humongous and inefficient bureaucracy that forgets that the main goal is to provide quality education for the children, the big question is, is...
distance learning text and image of a child behind laptop

European Schools should provide distance learning possibility

Parents letter to the Secretary General of European schools Mr Giancarlo Marcheggiano regarding urgent need to provide distance learning possibility for the to pupils of those families who need it at the time of...
When will school open, picture of an empty classroom

Important announcement when will school open is expected on 25.08.

Thirteen days left There are thirteen days left to go before European schools fully reopen after the coronavirus crisis forced their closure back in March, and the only thing that people in Luxembourg know about...
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European Schools have serious problems: seven reasons, six problems and four claims

European schools face multiple problems. A number of parents already left these schools and some opt for a private education despite a very high cost. What are the reasons and what should be done? A....