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Did Leene Soekov and Per Frithiofson break the law?

As you might remember, Leene Soekov sent out an urgent email with the title "URGENT Covid 19 - Pupil's Contract". This message was sent as an urgent one that required immediate reaction from parents and pupils. School administration requested...

GDPR – practical examples 2

This is the second part about GDPR. First part of GDPR - practical examples is also available. Can a statutory authority discharge its obligations in regard to data protection by outsourcing the collection, storage and processing of personal data to...

GDPR – practical examples

Does GDPR apply only to data that is processed, or intended to be processed, by automatic means? The GDPR covers the processing of personal data in two ways: personal data processed wholly or partly by automated means (that is, information...

Data protection in European schools

After my request from more than a year ago and my complain to the Nation Commission for Data Protection Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg since school didn't react, I finaly received data protection regulation for our school - European school Luxembourg...
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European School was illegally collecting personal data

Today, I received the final decision from the National data protection Commission (CNPD) about my complaint against European school...
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