Dramatic enrollment changes in attempt to prop up failing European school Mamer


From last week’s European School I Admin Board meeting:

“Lux I had its Admin Board yesterday. Kari Kivinen attended, as well as the Commission representative (whose name none of us got but I think she is same one who went to most of the others). We agreed on an increase of 20% for the new category 3 pupils. Our director and APEEE came under a lot of pressure to increase it to 25% and the Commission cited Mo’s decision to go for 25% several times, as well as Frankfurt, but we held firm and it went through.

We were also supported by the Lux Inspector and the Lux Min Education representative who said that the local system is not in a position to absorb dozens of non-Luxembourgish kids so the increase should be as low as possible. We now have a potential problem as the Lux II director was proposing 25%. Their Admin Board is today. If they adopt 25% then the matter will go to the Budgets Committee and BoG.

As the SG pointed out, we cannot have two schools in the same city with a different policy on this, especially when according to a new joint enrolment policy adopted yesterday we are forcing parents with kids in the DE, FR and EN sections to send their kids to Lux II, except in certain circumstances. And, of course, if your kids are in certain language sections eg. Danish, they have to go to Lux II.”