Is state-run, free-of-charge European school better than original one

photo of European school Diferdange
European school Diferdange

Luxembourg Times published an interview which gives great inside of the functioning of new European school in Differndange.

The main points are:

  1. They offer European curriculum
  2. It’s state run and free of charge for everybody
  3. Maximum number of pupils in each class is 25
  4. School is open from 6.30till 19pm, and there is a maison relais in the building. For secondary, the school is open from 7h till 18h, and there are activities, and children can do their homework. They have teachers to help with homework until 17h.
  5. Homework policy – they have a maximum amount of homework at every stage. At the start of primary, children need to practice reading every day. If parents can’t help, volunteers from Miami University help with those children. In secondary, homework is very important, but pupils have time to do a large part of their homework in school. Each day, students have two hours without classes – one for lunch and one for taking part in activities and clubs, and those without activities have mandatory homework club.
  6. Their support system is split into three levels
  7. Schools organises a range of clubs that take place at midday or after school.
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