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European schools system

European schools system is like a never-ending maze of paperwork and bureaucracy.

It’s as if they believe that the more forms you fill out, the smarter you become. Secretary general and deputy secretary general are too busy worrying about their pensions and summer vacations to actually produce anything useful.

It’s a system where children are just tiny cogs in a big bureaucratic machine, and education takes a backseat to administrative tasks.

It’s time for a major overhaul, because right now, the European schools system is about as effective as a chocolate teapot.

At the start of the next school year, a new computer program for the school management will enter into use. This new web portal is a complete system SMS= School Management System) to which parents, secondary pupils, teachers and administrative staff will all have individual access.

This modern system, which is common to all European Schools, will allow more effective communication by e-mails and sms (short message system), on mobile telephones and messages on the “SMS-Myschool” homepage. From the start of the school year each parent will be able to check the timetables their child(ren) on-line. Pupil absences will be entered in real time at the start of each lesson, enabling parents to be informed quickly. This will only be possible after a test phase. Finally, the pupils’ reports should be posted on the new portal as from the trimester or autumn reports.

Shortly after “SMS-Myschool” will also allow homework to be sent to pupils at home for teachers who so wish.

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Aim of the European Schools

Educated side by side, untroubled from infancy by divisive prejudices, acquainted with all that is great and good in the different cultures, it will be borne in upon them as they mature that they belong together. Without ceasing to look to their own lands with love and pride, they will become in mind Europeans, schooled and ready to complete and consolidate the work of their fathers before them, to bring into being a united and thriving Europe.

Marcel Decombis, Head of European School, Luxembourg between 1953 and 1960