New Web Portal SMS-MySchool is coming


At the start of the next school year, a new computer program for the school management will enter into use. This new web portal is a complete system SMS= School Management System) to which parents, secondary pupils, teachers and administrative staff will all have individual access.

This modern system, which is common to all European Schools, will allow more effective communication by e-mails and sms (short message system), on mobile telephones and messages on the “SMS-Myschool” homepage. From the start of the school year each parent will be able to check the timetables their child(ren) on-line. Pupil absences will be entered in real time at the start of each lesson, enabling parents to be informed quickly. This will only be possible after a test phase. Finally, the pupils’ reports should be posted on the new portal as from the trimester or autumn reports.

Shortly after “SMS-Myschool” will also allow homework to be sent to pupils at home for teachers who so wish.