Another example of discrimination of SWALS students

It is unbelievable how new Mamer school management doesn't have a clue about situation of minorities in the school. New secondary Deputy Director Mrs Leene Soekov was asked to clarify why SWALS students are not allowed to take ICILS 2018...

Non-Discrimination legal appeal

The main issue is that there should be no discrimination between EU civil servants nor between children attending European schools, all of us should enjoy the same living and working conditions. You may not be a parent affected by discrimination now, but someday you or someone close to you may be if you happen to speak the wrong language.

Discrimination to mark 60th anniversary of the European School

To defend that ethos, the European School Non-Discrimination Campaign, representing a group of European School parents, today submitted a claim of serious discrimination against their children to the Luxembourg Ombudswoman for Children’s Rights. The meeting was constructive and included discussion of a legal opinion drafted by a discrimination law specialist practising in Luxembourg.

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