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Vindictive Per Frithiofson declines to share information

School director of European school Luxembourg 2 Per Frithiofson doesn't want to share important information about school transport with parents. This breaks with a 68 years old tradition and is based on the school director's personal resentment. ATSEEE starts...

11 cases of measles in Mamer school

School administration reported 11 cases of measles by today. Unfortunately, they still don't understand that this information should reach the parents as soon as possible. Instead, they are sending out useless communication with no substance like the one from...

Data Protection in Schools – some Guidance

What is Personal Information? Personal information is anything relating to a person that can be used to identify them. This includes both manual paper records and digital records. In a school, examples of personal information include: Names of staff, parents...

Why are costs of the vertical split in Luxembourg much, much higher than horizontal alternative

The costs of the vertical split decision in Luxembourg are much, much higher than the horizontal alternative and result in poorer education. These costs include:

Answer given by M. Šefčovič to written question from 5 Slovenian MEPs

Answer given by M. Šefčovič on behalf of the Commission (17.8.2012) The European Schools are managed by an intergovernmental organisation. A decision on a horizontal split requires unanimity in its Board of Governors (BoG). The Commission has sympathies for this...

Mobility plan – final version

European school Luxembourg 2 published latest and final version of mobility plan. Here are: Luxembourg II mobility plan and Buses and shuttles timetables.

Expert opinion of road engineer

the new school campus should not be allowed to start operating before an independent audit confirms that the school mobility concept is mature, implementable and workable, and therefore ensuring an orderly operation of the school by making it possible that pupils (and staff) can arrive at reasonable and predictable times.

Parents challenge flawed transport plan for segregated European School

Parents at the European School in Luxembourg have challenged plans to impose daily commutes of over 3 hours on pre-school and primary children selected for a new out-of-town school on the basis of their language, nationality and property status.

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Incompetent school administration can’t count to five

European school Luxembourg 2 has incompetent school administration who are doing everything NOT to provide quality education to the...

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