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Leene Soekov is a deputy director for Secondary at the European School Luxembourg 2. She arrived in 2017 and during all those years she did so much damage to the learning processes in the school. She received a negative opinion from the whole school’s community but this doesn’t mean anything for the secretary-general of European schools. Despite complete incompetence, he keeps her in Mamer till the end of her mandate.

Incompetent school administration with women in the backgroun

Incompetent school administration can’t count to five

European School Luxembourg 2 has incompetent school administration who are doing everything NOT to provide quality education to the pupils. The main responsibility lies on the deputy director for secondary, Leene Soekov, with the...
Aibhistín Ó Coimin

Is European school illegally holding children in the school?

Aibhistín Ó Coimin verbally abuses parentsWhy is school administration so nervousMismanagement of public money? Aibhistín Ó Coimin verbally abuses parents Verbal abuse is the style of assistant deputy director for secondary Aibhistín Ó Coimin when...
European school is guilty and GDPR text on the orange background

European School was illegally collecting personal data

Today, I received the final decision from the National data protection Commission (CNPD) about my complaint against European school Luxembourg 2 regarding the illegal data collection at the beginning of the school year. I...
BAC success rate pciture

Leene Soekov caused a drop in BAC success rate

Deputy Director for a secondary school in European school Mamer is causing significant drop in a BAC success rate. The reason for low BAC success rateMamer school "bellow" average?Educational school trips are not allowed...
Leene Soekov, break he law sign

Did Leene Soekov and Per Frithiofson break the law?

As you might remember, Leene Soekov sent out an urgent email with the title "URGENT Covid 19 - Pupil's Contract". This message was sent as an urgent one that required immediate reaction from parents...