Incompetent school administration can’t count to five

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European School Luxembourg 2 has incompetent school administration who are doing everything NOT to provide quality education to the pupils. The main responsibility lies on the deputy director for secondary, Leene Soekov, with the help of her lieutenant assistant deputy director Aibhistín Ó Coimin.

SWALS in S2 must have 5 hours of mother tongue

The rules specifically say that SWALS must have five hours of mother tongue per week. School administration assigned only four at the beginning of this school year.

Only after parents pointed this out did they correct it today.

This means they are either totally incompetent and they don’t know how to count to five, or they did this on purpose, which would be even worse. It would mean they don’t know the rules of European schools and were set up by the Board of Governors, or they deliberately decided not to respect them.

Educational responsibilities of school directors

One of the main responsibilities is to prepare a timetable.

The director shall allocate classes and groups in the subjects taught to the teachers and draw up a timetable for each year’s group and language section at the beginning of the school year. In doing so, he/she shall take as far as reasonably possible of the wishes expressed by members of staff and pupils’ best interests. This timetable shall be communicated on request to the members of the Board of Inspectors. Except in exceptional cases, it may not be changed during the school year (Ref.: 2011-04-D-11-en-2).

Changing timetables for many classes at the beginning of each school year means the deputy director is not doing the job properly, which points to incompetent school administration.

What are the qualities of a school manager?

A school manager is one of the figures with the greatest responsibility in educational institutions, especially at the basic and upper secondary levels.

  1. Leadership: This leader must inspire and intellectually stimulate the people with whom he collaborates, listening personally to each of them and encouraging them to develop their best capacities to benefit from the common goal.
  2. Effective Communication is the ability to communicate assertively is one of the keys to leadership in educational settings.
  3. Generation of Commitment: The leader seeks the commitment of all school community members, including parents and students.
  4. Social Interaction is the ability to constantly interact with community members to learn about their motivations, ideas, and goals.
  5. Persuasion
  6. Empower Others: to empower others, you need to build trust, ask for feedback and show your appreciation. None of this is happening in the European school.

How do you know you have an incompetent school administration?

Like the ones we currently have, bad school directors who work against their staff, parents and pupils give a bad name to those good directors who are doing their best yet sometimes get stuff wrong. Furthermore, bad school directors are abrasive, arrogant, aggressive, uncaring, and inattentive to the needs of others.  Does that sound familiar???
Current school management is missing all the qualities mentioned in the section above. Also, despite receiving negative evaluations regarding their (non)work, they are still here.


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