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Per Frithiofson is a director of the European School Luxembourg 2 since 2016. Apparently, he left school only after 5 years at the end of this school year 2021.

School directors are appointed for 9 years but can leave after 5 years if they wish so.

Aibhistín Ó Coimin

Is European school illegally holding children in the school?

Aibhistín Ó Coimin verbally abuses parents Verbal abuse is the style of assistant deputy director for secondary Aibhistín Ó Coimin when he talks with the parents. During online meetings, he screams, threatens, and abuses parents...
Per Frithiofson and text disgraceful

Vindictive Per Frithiofson declines to share information

School director of European school Luxembourg 2 Per Frithiofson doesn't want to share important information about school transport with parents. This breaks with a 68-year-old tradition and is based on the school director's personal...
European school is guilty and GDPR text on the orange background

European School was illegally collecting personal data

Today, I received the final decision from the National data protection Commission (CNPD) about my complaint against European school Luxembourg 2 regarding the illegal data collection at the beginning of the school year. I...
Leene Soekov, break he law sign

Did Leene Soekov and Per Frithiofson break the law?

As you might remember, Leene Soekov sent out an urgent email with the title "URGENT Covid 19 - Pupil's Contract". This message was sent as an urgent one that required immediate reaction from parents...
Per Frithiofson

Per Frithiofson explains about COVID-19

Dear Parents, Soon all our pupils and staff will be on vacation for a week. The start of the school year has been an intensive period and all are in well need of a break. The...