Teachers pay out of pocket to keep their classrooms clean of COVID-19

Teachers pay out of pocket. Man reaching to his back pocket for euro notes.

European school Luxembourg 2 defined many rules that should be followed to protect school’s community against COVID-19. As usual they pushed responsibility for implementing those rules to teachers, students and parents. Students and parents were forced to sign Pupils contract. Teachers pay out of pockets for disinfecting classrooms. 

Teachers pay out of pocket instead of administration

One of the rules is, teachers should disinfect their classrooms after each hour. For ICT teachers, the school administration even requested cleaning keyboards and mouses after each class. You would expect the administration will provide for the products needed to protect students and teachers. And you would be WRONG. One month into the school year, teachers are still paying from their own pockets to keep their classrooms clean of COVID-19.

Classroom Cleaning Tips for Teachers

Many schools around the words even provide classroom cleaning tips for teachers. There they give tips to ensure those efforts tackle dirt and germs safely and effectively. 

Not gonna happen in Lux 2 school

Something like this will, of course, never happened in our school, European school Luxembourg 2. School administration is even trying to hide this information from the parents and students. Embarrassing for the director and deputy directors of this school and sad for school community. While administration is getting bigger and bigger, basic needs are not adequately addressed.