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Why weak Andreas Beckmann doesn’t denounce Russian invasion?

What did Andreas Beckmann write?What did he mean by this address?Aims of the European SchoolsHow European schools have reacted?Unmasking Andreas Beckmann European schools secreatry general silence on Ukraine's War Andreas Beckmann, the secretary-general of the...
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Is there a future for European schools?

With many problems facing the European school system and with their humongous and inefficient bureaucracy that forgets that the main goal is to provide quality education for the children, the big question is, is...
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New Secretary-General of European schools is Andreas Beckmann

Yesterday, Giancarlo Marcheggiano resigned at an exceptional meeting of the Board of Governors. Board voted Andreas Beckmann as the new Secretary-General of the European school. Hopefully, this appointment will bring fresh thinking and ideas...
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Communication on the impact of COVID-19 outbreak in European Schools

On 27.03.2020 another communication was sent by the Secretary General of the European Schools, Mr. Giancarlo Marcheggiano. It has been two weeks since it was decided to suspend the obligatory regular attendance of pupils (Article...

Answer from Kari Kivinen The Secretary-General of the European Schools

RECOURS ADMINISTRATIF Maître, Vos clients sont des parents d'élèves d'enfants inscrits à l'Ecole européenne de Luxembourg Il qui les accueillera dans ses nouveaux locaux à Marner à partir de la rentrée de septembre 2012. Ils ont...