An ASBL to defend equal school rights for European institution staff


The European School Non-Discrimination Campaign has raised the issues with the Luxembourg Equality Authority, but it refuses to recognise the category of language discrimination. We have raised them with the Office of the Ombudsman for Children, but they have looked away, claiming it is beyond their jurisdiction. We have raised it with the Commission, which has pointed the finger at the Luxembourg representative in the Board of Governors. We have raised it with the unions, but they are unable or unwilling to take a strong stance on the matter: the representatives are divided due to disinterest and the vested interests of those who have children at Lux I or property near Mamer. We have raised the issues with the parent-teacher association, but that is in general disarray and has become hopelessly compromised.

Clearly there is a need for an independent association to represent the interests of parents and children who have been adversely affected by the school’s discriminatory policy. This association should reach out, not only to Lux II parents, but also to the many families whose children have been forced out of the school and who are now burdened with extra costs and inconvenience as a result. Many Lux I parents have also been prejudiced by the mismanagement and deteriorating standards and options offered by the school and are also seeking alternatives to the European School system.

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