Chlorine Poisoning in Mamer school

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On Monday, 04.06.2018, at 11:23 parents received the following communication from the school:

Dear parents,

To inform you, there has been an incident in our swimming pool concerning a group of Primary pupils.

You will later receive more information concerning the actual incident, but right now I just want to inform all of the following:

  • Information to me at the moment is that there are no serious consequences but 10 pupils are concerned with medical follow up at school
  • 7 of these pupils will be sent to hospital for control and follow up also there
  • Parents of the concerned 10 pupils are being directly informed by school, including information of if sent to hospital and also what hospital
  • If you have not received a phone call from school, please don’t contact school to ask questions right now.
  • More information will follow no later than 12 o’clock today


Following messages confirmed that there was a leakage of chlorine gas in the swimming pool because of bad maintenance of the whole sports hall building.

Luckily all children were released from hospital the next day and hopeful won’t have long lasting consequences because of such negligence.

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