School transport enrolment for school year 2016-2017


Please be informed that enrolments for school year 2016/2017 for the ATSEEE school buses opened on Monday, 02.05.2016 and close on 15.06.2016. You are kindly invited to visit our website and register online. Please note that you have the opportunity to register either for an existing line or you can request a new stop. ATSEEE will try
to facilitate all requests for a new stop, but please consider that new lines can only been set up in case of sufficient demand.

As from 15 June, the network will be designed based on the demand as at that date. After 15 June, it will no more be possible to add new bus stops or re-establish stops/lines that have been
cancelled due to insufficient demand. An early enrolment allows us to respond as best as possible to the actual needs and to ensure that your children will have a smooth start inSeptember.
If you want to suggest a new stop or face any difficulty while inscribing your child, please contact us at +352 4300 22934 or +352 4300 23945 or on