Do you fancy 28.000 € for 3,5 months of part time job?

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In March 2016 president of Parents Association of Lux 2 Ms Sandra Vella decided to publish a post for Transport manager. APEEEL2 was supposed to hire a transport expert for managing school transport for European school Luxembourg 2 for a period of 9 month. They dedicated 28.000€ for this job.28000_euros

Later we found out that the scope has been changed completely and APEEEL2 president decided to conduct a theoretical transport survey instead of hiring badly needed transport manager who would improve situation on  the field, functioning of the school transport, setup one point of contact with parents, set up communication with all the stakeholders and be the face of school transport.

Instead of very practical person with hands on experience in dealing with a transport Ms Sandra Vella hired Mr Sebastian Tyrell, Open University facilitator for renewable energy, tutor for energy and sustainability and consultant with Fujitsu Luxembourg. Beside all this work he will also prepare a transport study in 3 and a half months only and for that he will be reimbursed with 28.000€.

This is another untrustworthy decision from current APEEEL2 president who is not able to show any results in her 2 years mandate.

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