Will school re-start on 25.05.

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This week both European schools in Luxembourg are deciding should they reopen doors or not. As always the discussion is one sided with schools administration telling what to do without proper discussing with teachers and parents. They don’t even want to take into account that Luxembourgish schools are gradually reopening and want to find their own version of schooling.

APEEEL2 letter to parents

Dear Parents,

This week, the Lux2 School Management will decide whether children will return to on-site classes. Lux1 and Lux2 are two of the last schools in Luxembourg to make this decision. This is surely causing you a lot of anxiety.

APEEEL2, the parents’ association that officially represents you, has put a lot of efforts into analysing the situation, including the health and safety measures required in the event that on-site classes resume later this month.

  • We know that parents are divided on the issue of resuming on-site classes. 
  • We believe that parents and children need clear and regular communications during this difficult time.  
  • We need reassurance that all the necessary procedures are being followed if the school’s buildings reopen.
  • The School  Management has not yet given APEEEL2 clear and concrete indications that the school is fully prepared for a gradual reopening that meets the government’s health and safety guidelines.

We have been reaching out to School Management in hopes that we can help the preparations and planning, but we feel that our participation often has not been welcome in the past few weeks.
School Management has consulted with us, in our role as members of the School Advisory Council, but we were sent documents on very short notice. We could not properly consult with parents to give feedback.
In addition, some scenarios involving the return to on-site classes were discarded by School Management before we were consulted. And it appears that some decisions have been taken before we were notified.
We believe School Management should seek out your concerns and listen to them. School Management’s recent actions do not constitute proper cooperation.

Whatever scenario the School Director will choose, your parents’ representatives will continue their work to raise your questions and concerns with the School Management.


André Schmutz
President, in the name of the APEEEL2 Management Committee.

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