Will school re-start on 25.05.

This week both European schools in Luxembourg are deciding should they reopen doors or not. As always the discussion is one sided with schools administration telling what to do without proper discussing with teachers and parents. They don't even...

How To Reduce School Zone Traffic Congestion

The definition of school-related traffic congestion is as the overcrowding and blocking off streets on or near school property that is typically associated with car transportation of children to and from school. School traffic congestion Congestion around schools often creates speeding,...

Do you fancy 28.000 € for 3,5 months of part time job?

Another untrustworthy decision from current APEEEL2 president Ms Sandra Vella who is not able to show any results in her 2 years mandate. 28.000€ for 3 and a half months part time job.

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Why weak Andreas Beckmann doesn’t denounce the Russian invasion?

The secretary-general of the European schools, Andreas Beckmann doesn't want to clarify his opinion in regards to the war...


Is there a future for European schools?

is there a future for european schools text on a photo of the beah
With many problems facing the European school system and with their humongous and inefficient bureaucracy that forgets that the main goal is to provide quality education for the children, the big question is, is there a future for European schools? The European Schools system promises...

Leene Soekov shows lack of awareness about SWALS

Lack of awareness, picture of a man with question mark.
Reply from worried parent to deputy director Leene Soekov Dear Ms Soekov, Your answer is not only very worrying but it also shows the lack of awareness about SWALS in general. Their history, language competences, many injustices they go trough in European School in particularly in...

Another example of discrimination of SWALS students

Discrimination of SWALS
It is unbelievable how new Mamer school management doesn't have a clue about situation of minorities in the school. New secondary Deputy Director Mrs Leene Soekov was asked to clarify why SWALS students are not allowed to take ICILS 2018 tests. Answer from Leene Soekov: Thank you...