The 4 Golden Rules for the Primary school

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School just updated this simple, positive rules specific to the daily life of the Primary building. If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to talk about it with your child.

The 4 Golden Rules:

Learn: Be ready and prepared to do your best in all lessons
Show care: Take care of personal or school property and the environment
Be safe: Be in the right place at the right time
Respect: Be polite, helpful and cooperative with all members of the school community

You should use these five words:

  • Hello
  • Goodbye
  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Excuse me

Arrival at school

  1. Between 8:00 and 8:20. I wait ONLY in the welcome hall downstairs. I can use the mini-library.
  2. Between 8:20 and 8:40, I ΟΝLY play in the playground. I can use the mini-library.

Morning and afternoon breaks

  • When it’s time to return to class, I ALWAYS have to wait for my teacher to pick me up.
  • I ALWAYS use the authorized stairs to go to the playground.
  • I ALWAYS go to the supervising teachers when I have a problem.
  • I ALWAYS ask permission from a supervising teacher to go to the nurse.
  • I ONLY use the toilets on the ground floor (through the front door)
  • I ALWAYS use soft balls when I play in the playground.
  • When it’s inside break, I have to do a quiet activity in the classroom.
  • The use of phones and electronic games is prohibited in school. If I have one, it must be switched off and kept in my bag.

When I change my classroom (to go to Language 2, Religion / Morale, European Hours)

  • I move calmly and walk.
  • I use the authorized corridors.
  • I respect the art work and the belongings of others, which are in the hallways.
  • I am careful to be on time for class.

The exit of the classes

  • If I take the bus, I go to the playground and I wait for the teacher responsible for my dock, to accompany the group to the bus.
  • If I have a blue card, I can leave the school by myself. I must show my blue card to the guard at the exit.
  • If my parents or another person picks me up, I have to wait in the playground with my teacher or the supervising teachers.
  • If I go to the CPE, I join my group calmly.


Any other unacceptable behaviour will be discussed with the class teacher, parents and the Director of our school.

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