Tuesday, 14. July 2020

    Traffic collapse in Mamer school

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    Low registration and transferrals out of European School Mamer

    The rate of registration of new children to European school Lux II is so low that the school now wants to radically change the rules of registration, ‘forcing parents with kids in the DE, FR and EN sections to send their kids to Lux II, except in certain circumstances.’

    The traffic situation in European school Luxembourg 2 is deteriorating rapidly. More and more cars are driving there and school buses are blocked and late because of that.

    Solution has to be found urgetnly. That is why APEEEL2 sent an email to the directors of Mamer school.

    Dear Directors,

    We draw your attention to the fact this year, we noticed a deterioration in the school bus arrival time in the morning. In the attached document, you can easily compare arrival times of buses this year and arrival times of buses last year at the same period in the year 

    These past weeks, more than 50% of the school buses arrived late in the morning. I won’t explain here the consequences for the school, you know them better than us. The problem is known, buses are blocked in the traffic around the school.

    arrival of buses in Mamer
    Bus arrivals 2018-2019
    Arrivals of the buses school year 2018-2019

    To avoid being late for the first lesson, many pupils request their parents to drive them to school instead of coming by bus which only makes things worse. This is a vicious circle.

    We all know there is a project in the pipeline from MDDI to improve the situation but we confirm that in APEEEL2, all our emails and requests sent to MDDI to get more information or to be involved in the project remain to be answered. Every year, we are complaining, every year MDDI gave us very little information and details to reassure us they are working on our project but every year, nothing changed except that the situation on-site is getting worse.

    Should we keep silent as we did for the past 5 years until the MDDI will one day give us concrete information about this project?

    When we noticed this huge delays, APEEEL2 and ATSEEE took some measures to start some bus time scheduling a bit earlier when this is feasible but we don’t consider fair to punish pupils who are coming by bus by asking them to wake up earlier because pupils coming by car prevent them from being on time. We would like to continue our work with the school and teachers to promote the use of public transport (especially in the sustainability context) with pupils but how can we do this if pupils arrived late at school when they are coming by bus?

    There was a debate at our last APEEEL2 management committee about the possibility to block parents’ cars from coming to school between 8:15 and 8:45. Parents who would like to come by car should then arrive at the school before 8:15. We consider this discussion should be done also with the school and we request to have a point about school access on the agenda of the next School Advisory Council in November.

    We would also appreciate a full collaboration and full support on this question from the school management in the discussions with MDDI, we consider APEEEL2 and the school management should join their efforts on this topic like it used to be in the past: for example, copy systematically APEEEL2 in received and sent emails to MDDI, keep APEEEL2 informed in advance of topics added by the school on CALUX agenda meeting where APEEEL2 is not allowed to attend.

    Many thanks for your consideration,

    Kind regards

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