Update of the ATSEE timetable


Since the start of the school year, the timetable of buses and navettes to Mamer has undergone a number of modifications in an attempt to improve the service. Please find enclosed the latest version of the timetable, which will be effective from Monday 24/09/2012.

Warning: in addition to changes of the departure times and the list of stops, some of the platform numbers at the school have also been changed.

In part these changes reflect suggestions received during the ongoing consultation exercise which could already be implemented. Other suggestions are still being reviewed and will be discussed with the relevant authorities shortly.

New timetable



  1. I do not understand… this is windows dressing. I complained to ATSEE that:
    1 – the arrival scheduled for bus 72 was 8:35, the time maternelle is starting classes
    2 – and anyway if the bus would leave at time (which is not the case) no margin has been left for traficjams, bad wheather conditions etc.
    And what do they do? They change the arrival time to 8:30, but not the departure time…
    This is completely unrealistic!

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