A mental health crisis in the European Schools community

mental health crisis

A mental health crisis cannot be cured entirely without external help. No matter if we talk about the young generation or adults, facing a mental health crisis can break a lot of pieces. Nowadays, we live in a community full of stereotypes and critics, and we barely remember who we are and what we want. As we get older, we become what society wants, and we fix a lot of issues.

Speaking about mental health can open more doors than we imagine, and having the courage to confront these problems will bring solutions for more people in need. When we think about the young population, we can see a higher level of anxiety and depression. In the European schools, the mental health issues become worse as we can see in the case of Daniel, a young boy from the European School of Munich who was seriously injured during a battle on 18th October 2019.

A group of five boys attacked him right near the school, and no one seemed to intervene in the battle and to try to stop it. After more research was done, it was discovered that the school tried its best to cover this incident as a bad image of the school could not bring any benefit. After the case was published in the newspaper and become more popular, the school did finally admitted the incident but continued to blame the parents and the children.

The mental health crisis is real

It becomes clear that the victim, a 16 old boy who lost his sight on the left eye after the beating did not receive any concrete reasons why no one seemed to care about what was happening. Moreover, six years earlier, the mother of the same boy came to school to file some complaints, and she was even accused that she enters the school propriety without any permission.

What is even worst is that the school is still trying to cover everything and to find people to blame more than looking for real solutions. It blames drugs consumption, but it is not paying attention to the mental health crisis of these children. All the superiors want to clean the mess and to act like nothing serious happened, and this behaviour will not solve this problem soon.

European schools have complex structures and a strict way of teaching. That’s been considered. The mental problems are becoming more and more severe, and no one seems to care. Children have bullied every day, and a large per cent of them are committing suicide because of the lack of external help.

Without the intervention of the school’s superiors, there is no chance that this situation will be better. Besides the reclamations of the parents and the desperate cries for help from the kids’ side, the school administration does not seem to care about these social problems. A school institution should be more than just a place to learn things; it should firstly be a place where everyone can feel safe and have all the comfort to assimilate the information that they need.

Without any help for these social crises, the children are facing challenging times every day at school, and they are suffering in silence. No one from school seems to notice or to pay attention to that. With that in mind, there should be drastic changes regarding this behaviour, and the mental health crisis should be a more discussed topic.

This is short summary from an excellent article by Martina Lalova, European Law School student at Maastricht University. Former European School of Brussels I (Uccle) pupil and member of the Student Union for the European Schools (CoSup) (2019-2020) as well as the Pupils’ Committee (2018-2020). and Laszlo Molnarfi, Political Science, Philosophy, Economics and Sociology (PPES) student at Trinity College Dublin. An alumnus of the European School of Brussels I (Uccle), former Pupils’ Committee President (2018-2019) and member of the Student Union of the European Schools (CoSup) in 2019-2020.. You can find the full version here.