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Updated on 08/06/2023 10:39 am

The OIL 5, responsible for CPE in Luxembourg, refused to apply to the CAS (Comité des activités sociales) for additional funding for the CPE. In the CAS budget there is a 50 000 EUR surplus from last year. A proposal was drafted on how to improve conditions for our children at the CPE using this budget surplus. However, the management of the CPE (Garderie and Study Centre) refused to apply for the money, stating that all the needs were taken care of within the current budget.

The proposal prepared by staff representatives on the CAS and the CCPE Committees together with educators of the CPE and the CPE Parents’ Association was offered to Ms Hilde van Loon, Head of Unit at the OIL in charge of the CPE (Garderie andStudy Centre), for free use. The proposal contained inter alia: bus from Kirchberg to Mamer during school holidays, equipment for the playgrounds and classrooms, new library, more activities at the CPE. The OIL refused to make use of the proposal and thus failed to receive extra money from the CAS budget.

We were amazed at this reaction. Last year, the OIL closed the CPE in Kirchberg in search for savings and intended to do so this year as well. Since January we have been paying more for childcare. Outside activities are being reduced, as is the number of accompanying staff, to the detriment of safety of our children. Absent educators are not replaced; children are squeezed with another group so that the OIL could avoid additional costs. No truly inspiring activities are organised at the CPE on regular bases (artistic workshops, music activities, sports etc.). There is no bottled water and children need to drink water from the modest outside taps (no genuine water fountains).

Parents whose children are in Mamer feel abandoned with no transport during short and long holidays. Furthermore, both the Garderie and the Study Centre are closed on some of our working days for budgetary reasons.

You might have probably noticed yourself what the CPE lacks and how additional money could be used for better quality of childcare. Still, all the needs are catered for within the current budget, the OIL says.

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