Central and Eastern European Film Festival in the European School Luxembourg II – Mamer


You are warmly invited to the three film projections of Central end Eastern European cinematography, which will be held at Salle des Fêtes. The main aim is to present some snapshots of the SWALS countries to the students of the Secondary School and to other interested audience.

1. Tuesday Oct 16, Crulic (Rumanian – Polish movie, 73 min, eng subtitels)
For year 6 and anyone not having lessons during period 3 and 4, 10.40-12.15

2. Thursday Oct 18, Silent Sonata (Slovenian director, 75 min, nonverbal)
For year 5 and anyone not having lessons during period 8 and 9, 14.55-16.30

3. Thursday Oct 18, Silent Sonata
For everybody, 16.45

All Secondary School Teachers are kindly asked to inform their students of the third screening, which is open to all. Parents are also very welcome.

Attached you can read some information about the films together with suggestions for using them in teaching preparation, geared in particular to teachers for Languages, for Morals/Religion, Philosophy, Sociology, Arts and Music.

With many thanks of promoting this event Secondary School L1 teachers for SWALS

Crulic leaf

Silent sonata leaf