Express your opinion regarding Transport plan


Suggestions, remarks and complaints about transport issue should be addressed to ATSEE (school or APEEE) at the latest on the evening 23.09.2012 since there is meeting of all stake holders planned on the 24.

You can send an email to ATSEE email or you can fill out the form. All your remarks will be highly appreciated.

Please add to cc so we can check if anything happens.


  1. We live in the Belair/ Merl area. It is a waste of time and energy for us to drive our child all the way to Kirchberg to take the navette and then have him travel all the way to Mamer with the navette (only possibility of supervised transport we have) wouldn’t it be possible for the navette to make a stop somewhere in la route d’Arlon? I know it would make a lot of sense for many.