Specific Examples of Discrimination at European School Luxembourg 2

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School has started. As we expected, we are queuing in the traffic and our kids are spending at least two hours a day on the buses, navettes or cars. Even school is not fully functional. Timetables are a complete mess with two classes having gym the same time, mother tongue language hours too short, swimming lessons cancelled because of the bacteria problem in the swimming pool…

I invite you to post a concrete example of discrimination here so we can raise the issue with the APEEE, unions, institutions etc.

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  1. The fact that our children are required to sleep much earlier now than before or otherwise get less sleep than the lux 1 children is discrimination. The fact that our children must spend a long time every day on buses or even in cars and less time creatively playing is discrimination. That fact that we, the parents, are incurred to pay for neccessary bus services that Lux 1 parents do no even have to think about is discrimination. The fact that the children of the secondary of Lux 2 have less subject choices than Lux 1 is discrimination.

  2. Also, as far as i know, navettes are to be paid by parents, which means i have to pay 130 euros per month whereas if my child would use public transport (like she did before, when she came with me to Kirchberg), it would be free. For 10 months of school that’s 1300 EUR that i didn’t spend before. I find this discriminatory.

  3. I agree with you. First we have to pay at least 1.300,00 EUR for a year, and it takes two hours per day driving. The school is not prepared yet (pool, walls are empty, ….)Give us back to the old school.

  4. Lux 2 parents cannot register their children at the Children’s centre (CPE) of their choice, either in Mamer or Kirchberg

    According to the Children’s centre (CPE) rules on admission to and operation of the CPE establishments the mission of the Children’s centre (see links below) is, mainly, to provide parents with easier access to care facilities and to provide parents with peace of mind while they carry out duties for which the institutions and bodies recruited them, taking into account their individual working hours and constraints.

    For many parents, however, the new study centre (CPE V) does not comply with these rules as it does not offer the same advantages as the one located in Kirchberg.

    Due to the location of the CPE in Mamer (far away from the working place of the children’s parents and in most cases their homes in terms of driving time) it is totally unpractical, uneconomical in terms of money and time and non ecological compared to the CPE in Luxembourg. Parents are required:
    – either to drive to the CPE to collect their children in Mamer after work, which may take up to 45 minutes, and then to drive to their final evening destination which may be back in the direction of Kirchberg or anywhere else. Therefore children and parents of Lux 2 waste at least an hour and a half driving instead of spending this time creatively and constructively.
    – or to comply with the timetables of the shuttles taking the children back to the Kirchberg; in many cases, the time children spend in the study centre is determined by fixed bus times rather than by the real needs of the family.

    Therefore, parents working in Kirchberg, and especially those living outside areas near the school, single parents, parents on low income, and parents with young children, are obliged to give up their professional and private flexibility and to adapt their working hours and other needs solely to accommodate the Lux2 transport times; it is not in their interest nor in the interest of the institutions (for example, specific units/functions where work is required even after certain hours).

    Additionally, the cost of the Lux 2 after-school care service is probably identical to the cost of the CPE in Kirchberg, which penalizes the parents of Lux 2 children (equivalent cost for unequal service).

    Consequently, the refusal to allow parents the choice of CPE is a true discrimination for the parents and children of Lux 2 if we consider to the original mission of the CPE and compare the situation of parents and children attending the Luxembourg I European School and the Kirchberg CPE, located near the institutions.


  5. Agree with everybody…as I have the same problems. I join the school in 2005, and I always wonder why such a situation was created, why it was accepted, and excpecially who did it.
    It was clear to me already in 2005 that building a school in Mamer was just a “real estate business”, but perhaps everybody was blidn.
    Having said that, I appreciate fighting, but going back it will be impossible.


  6. Notre famille utilise le système de navettes au départ du plateau de Kirchberg. La mise en place de ces navettes est un moindre mal dans la mesure où le trajet du plateau de Kirchberg à Mamer est direct et relativement rapide et que les navettes roulent toujours dans le sens de circulation le moins chargé.

    L’affectation des enfants à Mamer reste toutefois un mal car cela oblige des enfants à se lever plus tôt : cette décision d’affecter des enfants dont les parents sont majoritairement des fonctionnaires dans un lieu si éloigné des institutions va à l’encontre du bien être et de l’équilibre des enfants.

    Le plus surprenant est le fait que ce système de navettes ne sera pas assuré pendant les congés scolaires. Les parents devront donc emmener leurs enfants au CPE V et, pour concilier cette nouvelle contrainte spécifique aux congés scolaires, les enfants devront se lever aussi tôt, voire plus tôt encore, si les parents cherchent à concilier leur vie professionnelle avec ces contraintes supplémentaires. Est il normal qu’aucun système de transport ne soit assuré pendant les congés scolaires sous prétexte que l’école est fermée. Le CPE a pour mission d’accueillir les enfants des fonctionnaires pendant les congés, un système de transport doit donc pouvoir permettre de se rendre au CPE, au même titre que l’école.

  7. For the next school year we are faced with the dilemma to send our child to the Spanish section in Kirchberg or to the German section in Mamer. From the Language/academical point of view we would prefer the German one.

    We live in Belair. There is a bus he could take, but has no adult supervision (????), our son is 6 and the ATSEE discourages parents fom sending primary kids alone on the bus. Is that right? how can that be? Is the service only for children older than 12????

    The navette is not an option, since we would have to drive him to Kirchberg only for him to be driven tha exact same way back and then to Mamer. The navette could stop somewhe at the stadion but it doesn’t.

    It all seems so senseless and ridiculous.