School’s proposal for the new timetable


Mamer school published on its website their proposal for change of timetable:

Dear colleagues,
Dear parents,
Dear pupils,

In reference to the survey that was presented to all members of our school community in 2014, the time from
February through June 2015 was used to consider the results and discuss the possible effects on our school schedule.
Two proposals for change emerged as alternatives to the current schedule and we would like to share these with you
to get your opinion and open a discussion. Please find below the basic elements of these proposals:

Proposal n°1: current schedule (statu quo)
– Nursery: 1 long day (8:35-16:20), 4 short days (8:35-12:50)
– Primary: 2 long days (8:40-16h20/16:30), 3 short days (8:40-12:50/13:00)
– Secondary: 5 long days maximum (8:45-16:30)

Proposal n°2: earlier start
– Nursery: 1 long day (8:30-16:15), 4 short days (8:30-12:45)
– Primary: 2 long days (8.30-16:15/16:20), 3 short days (8:30-12:50)
– Secondary: 5 long days maximum (8:30-16:20)

Proposal n°3: earlier start and end (current schedule in Luxembourg)
-Nursery: 2 long days (8:30-15:55), 3 short days (8:30-12:50)
– Primary: 2 or 3 long days (8:30-16:00), 2 or 3 short days (8:30-12:50)
(Depending on the students’ age)
– Secondary: 5 long days maximum (8:30-16:05)

These 3 proposals respect the statutes and rules of the European Schools. The search for new solutions attempts to meet some simple objectives, which are sometimes difficult to reconcile:
– The search for the best possible learning environment
– The search for the best possible balance between school and private life
– The consideration of Luxemburgish school schedules in order to improve the integration of our students into the
immediate environment
– The consideration of material and logistic constraints (transportation, canteen, childcare).

Next steps:
– September 2015- December 2015: analysis of several proposals by the existing committees at school, organization of
precise simulations, external professional consultations (material constraints). An exceptional informational meeting
will be organized.
– January 2016: organization of a formal survey for all members of the school community.
– February 2016: final decision at the School’s administration board meeting for implementation as of September 1st,
2016, in case of change.
We remain at your disposal during the discussion of this important aspect of school life. We would like to underline
our commitment to ongoing communication with the members of the school community serving the interests of our
students. Please use the following email address for any suggestions you may have concerning these proposed
schedule changes: .The suggestions received will be analyzed by the school along with the
parents’ association APEEEL2 and considered in preparation for the formal survey planned for January 2016.
The Management of the European School Luxembourg II

Please find the whole document here: EE_LUX2_SCHEDULES_2016-2017_PROPOSALS_July2015

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  1. This proposal doesn’t include more expensive school transport (at least 30%) and more expensive CPE.

    It doesn’t search for the best possible learning environment since insisting on an early start can cause sleep deprivation, which in turn can affect learning and health.