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Updated on 08/06/2023 7:27 am

Parents sent an email to the school administration

Dear Mr de Tournemire,

First we would like to thank you for the meeting of May the 6th. We listened to you attentively and noted that no decision on an earlier start of the school day has been taken or will be taken without properly consulting the parents. In your presentation you said that the earlier school start was motivated by the parents’ response to the 2014 survey and that you will discuss the matter with the Luxembourgish authorities in September.

Herewith we share with you the results of surveys run through the class representatives in the last few weeks. The parents were invited to reply if they agree with an earlier school start with a yes or no.  As you can see the vast majority of parents are against an earlier school start. As many language sections and all the levels (maternelle, primary and secondary) are involved, we strongly believe that the results are a good representation of the parents’ opinion.Results of survey timetable

We expect therefore that the opinion of the majority of parents in changing the current starting time of our school planning is respected. Therefore we invite you to drop the proposal of an earlier school start or, if you believe that the result is not representative, to run now a survey so that all parents can express their opinion with the simple question: ‘Do you want the school to start earlier?’

We appreciate all the efforts you are making to direct the school in such a way so as to accommodate the stakeholders’ wishes, but in this instance the majority of parents believes that such an approach is taken against their wishes.

We look forward to receiving your decision on the way regarding this very serious for us all decision.

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