Traffic collapse in Mamer school

The traffic situation in European school Luxembourg 2 is deteriorating rapidly. More and more cars are driving there and school buses are blocked and late because of that. Solution has to be found urgently. That is why APEEEL2 sent an...

Chlorine Poisoning in Mamer school

On Monday, 04.06.2018, at 11:23 parents received the following communication from the school: Dear parents, To inform you, there has been an incident in our swimming pool concerning a group of Primary pupils. You will later receive more information concerning the actual...

All children attending the CPE Bertrange/Mamer can use the shuttle at 4.45 or 6 pm organised by the ATSEE going to the EEl I...

All children attending the CPE in Bertrange/Mamer can use the shuttle at 4.45 or 6 p.m. organised by the ATSEE going to the European school I at Kirchberg. As the shuttle now stops directly in front of the CPE building, both children of the Garderie and of the Study and Recreation Centre (CEL) can be escorted to the shuttle, as long as the parents have signed up for this service and have filled in the respective form. The responsibility of the CPE ends as soon as the child is handed over to the person who will accompany them on the bus.

Update of the ATSEE timetable

Update of the ATSEE timetable.

Navette EE2 – EE1 at 16h45 and 18h

Navettes from CPE at 16:45 and 18h will wait directly in front of the CPE entrance. The president of ATSEE, confirmed this is how it should work (also for the departure at 18:00). There should be a person from...

Expert opinion of road engineer

the new school campus should not be allowed to start operating before an independent audit confirms that the school mobility concept is mature, implementable and workable, and therefore ensuring an orderly operation of the school by making it possible that pupils (and staff) can arrive at reasonable and predictable times.

Parents challenge flawed transport plan for segregated European School

Parents at the European School in Luxembourg have challenged plans to impose daily commutes of over 3 hours on pre-school and primary children selected for a new out-of-town school on the basis of their language, nationality and property status.

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70 years of distracted European school Luxembourg

The European School Luxembourg is a unique and prestigious institution that offers a high-quality education to students from all...


Is there a future for European schools?

is there a future for european schools text on a photo of the beah
With many problems facing the European school system and with their humongous and inefficient bureaucracy that forgets that the main goal is to provide quality education for the children, the big question is, is there a future for European schools? Disastrous management of public fundsAdministration...

Leene Soekov shows lack of awareness about SWALS

Lack of awareness, picture of a man with question mark.
Reply from worried parent to deputy director Leene Soekov Dear Ms Soekov, Your answer is not only very worrying but it also shows the lack of awareness about SWALS in general. Their history, language competences, many injustices they go trough in European School in particularly in...

Another example of discrimination of SWALS students

Discrimination of SWALS
It is unbelievable how new Mamer school management doesn't have a clue about situation of minorities in the school. New secondary Deputy Director Mrs Leene Soekov was asked to clarify why SWALS students are not allowed to take ICILS 2018 tests. Answer from Leene Soekov: Thank you...