What is Wrong With the Proposed Transportation Plan?

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In a short – a lot.

According to the Ponts Chaussees Luxembourg, the company which prepared transportation plan, they prepared this plan based on following expectations:

  1. they did not consider the existing road situation/they assumed that roads are currently empty
  2. only 20% of parents will use cars to drive children to the school
  3. they arrive equally distributed over one hour so between 7.30 and 8.30
  4. kiss and go zone offers 105 parking spaces for more that 1100 pupils (maternelle and primary)

Do you think this are realistic assumptions?

So we should expect that parents with cars, together with buses and navettes will be stuck in the car traffic jam for a long long time.

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  1. 5. The survey doesn’t include children who will start Maternelle in September 2012 and will probably not use the busses, navettes or even the TRAIN but the parents will have to drive them twice a day to Mamer! What about children aged 3 who will go to Garderie? Will they stay at the Garderie in Kirchberg (close to their parents) or will have to move at such an early age to Mamer as well?!?!?!