Is this corruption in Luxembourg?

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According to Luxembourg anti-corruption laws are enforced effectively, and the society’s minimum tolerance for corruption encourages transparency and clean government.” The score they gave Luxembourg is 83/100.

Is it really so?

Former headmaster of European school 2 Paul Schiltz hired law firm Schiltz & Schiltz for representing European school Luxembourg 2 (and they still work for the school) – is this coincident or corruption?

First Schiltz in the name – Jean-Lois – is very important person in CSV. He was Minister for Defense in Lux Government (2004-2009), General Secretary of the CSV (2000-2006) and President of the CSV in the Chamber of Deputies 2009-present (Since the Second World War, every Prime Minister of Luxembourg has been a member of the CSV, with only one exception) and second Schiltz – Franz who is lecturing at training courses for future lawyers organized by the Ministry of Justice.


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